A Guide for Clients Requiring Solicitors in Townsville, QLD

Whether you’re looking to initiate litigation or submit a defence, it is crucial to find the right legal representation to help you navigate the legal system. Most people find it difficult to know where to begin when seeking a lawyer for their needs. To help clients make the right decision, Resolute Legal offers some useful advice on what to consider before retaining the services of lawyers in Townsville.

Why You Need a Lawyer

The Australian legal system provides individuals with a robust, detailed legal framework that they can rely on. However, the thorough and detailed nature of the legal system can make it overwhelming for most people to navigate. While litigation lawyers in Townsville understand the legal system on a cerebral level, they also understand the real-world nuances of the process, which allows them to offer legal advice that makes a favourable outcome more likely.

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Lawyer

Here are some important questions to ask before employing litigation solicitors in Townsville:

  • What is the nature of the case or work? How much documentation will it require and what are the stages of the legal process?
  • What are the lawyer’s fees and how are they structured?
  • Will there be up-front charges for reports related to evidence?
  • In the event that your case goes to trial, will the solicitor appoint a barrister to present your case? If so, has this cost been agreed upon beforehand?
  • Is your lawyer able to provide you with a general sense of how long the matter will take? Lawyers are usually unable to provide an accurate time frame but should be able to provide a general idea.
  • Are the lines of communication established? Always select a lawyer who prioritises communication, is compassionate and available to answer all your questions.

Ethical Considerations When Choosing a Lawyer

Lawyers in Australia are expected to conform to a very strict code of ethics and conduct. This means that whether they are a civil or criminal lawyer, they cannot flout ethical boundaries to help a client. Legal representatives cannot be asked or expected to mislead the court with false information.

Criminal and Civil Litigation Solicitors in Queensland

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