Financial Matters

The end of a marriage is a difficult matter which involves two people parting ways emotionally as well as financially. Partners are often joint owners of property, bank accounts, superannuation and investments, and the dividing of assets can often be a fractious experience. The Resolute Legal team strives to make this process as easy as we can. We provide you with a divorce lawyer to represent you during divorce proceedings who will use their experience to divide your assets in the most appropriate way possible.

For a divorce to proceed, it must be demonstrated to the courts that the marriage has broken down beyond repair. For this, a separation of at least 12 months is required and provisions must be made for any children under the age of 18.


During divorce proceedings, courts are especially concerned with ensuring the wellbeing of children and pets. The best outcome is one where every member of the family is protected as the divorce proceeds. Your divorce lawyer will assume the responsibility of securing the best environment and arrangements for your loved ones, with solutions that are tailor-made to your situation.

Domestic Violence

When relationships break down sometimes things get messy. It may be a gradual process or a sudden and shocking change in your relationship due to any number of factors.

Domestic Violence takes many different forms:

  • Denying family and friend contact, creating isolation
  • Denying liberty to move freely outside the home, creating isolation
  • Denying personal financial freedom, creating reliance
  • Derogatory speech and actions, leading to poor self esteem
  • Verbal abuse
  • The threat of physical or sexual abuse
  • Actual physical/sexual abuse
  • Stalking, and
  • Harm or destruction of personal property or pets

When there has been violence during a relationship it may affect not only your safety, mental and physical wellbeing, but also your willingness to challenge any unfair conditions of your breakup.

Resolute Legal can help you negotiate care arrangements for your children, a fair and equitable settlement of your property and can help you take the matter to Court if no agreement can be reached.

We can help you protect your children and take back control of your life.

How Can We Help?

As family law mediation experts, we believe in providing you comprehensive legal representation aimed at resolving disputes efficiently.


Negotiation is our strong suit. Each family law solicitor at Resolute Legal understands the complexities of the subtle art of negotiation which aims to open, develop, and maintain lines of communication between parties to find a satisfactory middle ground for conflicts, transactions, and disputes.


When concerted efforts to resolve disputes through negotiation prove unfruitful, we advise a mediation conducted by our legal experts. During a family law mediation process, problematic family disputes are discussed, and advice provided with an aim to resolve the matter without taking it to court. This may involve finding suitable solutions to parenting disagreements and property matters, with an aim to create a legally binding agreement.

Court Proceedings

There are times when disputes cannot be settled out of court. In such cases, your family law solicitor will represent you in court with an aim to act as your voice, mobilising their knowledge of the legal system and considerable skill to get you the best possible outcome. It is our priority to minimise our clients’ exposure to unnecessary emotional distress.

Your Team of Family Law Lawyers in QLD

At Resolute Legal, we understand that family disputes are a specialised area of law where compassion and a balanced approach are just as important as legal expertise. Whether you are looking to initiate a divorce, seek protection from domestic abuse or find an amicable way to divide financial assets, contact us today for bespoke solutions to even the most complicated family law disputes.

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