How Much Does a Criminal Lawyer Cost in Townsville?

If you require criminal defence lawyers, you may be wondering how much this will cost you. A criminal law firm’s fees may vary but, whilst seeking legal representation, your lawyer should outline their fee structure. There can be many factors influencing the cost, so it’s important to ask your criminal lawyer early in your case. Here, Resolute Legal breaks down the potential costs involved.

Cost Variation 

Generally, criminal lawyers in Australia charge by the hour. Rates can range from $150 an hour to $1000 or more, depending on the lawyer’s experience and expertise. The complexity of your case, the location of the law firm and the time required to handle the case can all impact the cost of hiring a criminal lawyer. Some criminal law firms may charge a flat fee or a contingency fee, meaning they only receive a payment if they win or settle the case. It’s important to eliminate any confusion and ask your lawyer upfront about their fee structure.

Pricing Accuracy

The better your criminal lawyer understands your case, the more accurate their fee estimate will be. You should provide your lawyer with as much information as possible, remembering that they have a duty of confidentiality. You should detail any evidence you have, any witnesses and your legal history. Request a breakdown of fees, discuss potential trial outcomes and have your fee estimate in writing to ensure transparency and minimise the risk of costs blowing out for you.

Resolute Legal

Resolute Legal are the lawyers Townsville residents trust. We can help to figure out when you need to hire a criminal lawyer, as well as what the fees will be and how we’ll work with you. We offer experienced legal representation for a range of criminal charges, including:

  • white-collar crime
  • appeals
  • traffic violations
  • domestic violence
  • bail applications
  • sentence hearings

Give yourself the best chance with Resolute Legal’s lawyers, Townsville. Contact Resolute Legal online or call 07 4724 5563 to discuss representation for you with a comprehensive fee structure.

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