Speeding Tickets: Defenses and Legal Options

In recent years, state governments have become increasingly strict when it comes to traffic offences. This means that the fines and outcomes are more serious. These days, even minor speeding fines can set you back hundreds of dollars and result in you losing multiple demerit points. Many Queenslanders rely heavily on the use of their cars, so it is important to properly understand traffic laws and have trusted traffic lawyers and traffic offence lawyers to help you contest charges if need be. In this article, Resolute Legal discusses the defence and legal options available to you if you are charged with a traffic offence in the state of Queensland.

Reasonable Defenses for Speeding 

Before hiring traffic lawyers to represent you, it is important to understand some of the reasonable reasons for speeding that allow you to contest a speeding ticket. These include reasons such as the driver being under duress, the accused being subject to mistake of fact, the accused was not the one in charge of the vehicle or the accused was not speeding. All of these may be valid reasons for one to contest a speeding ticket. Furthermore, hiring traffic offence lawyers will allow you to determine if you have a case or not.

How Can Traffic Lawyers Help?

Traffic offence lawyers specialise in representing individuals contesting traffic offences. The law can be extremely complex and complicated, so it is in your best interest to hire an expert that knows their way around it. If you truly believe that you have a case to contest a traffic fine, traffic lawyers can be a lot of help.

Drink Driving Lawyers 

Similar to traffic lawyers, drink driving lawyers specialise in contesting drunk driving charges. These charges are commonly more difficult to contest and even more difficult to have dropped. If you believe you were unfairly charged with a drink driving offence, drink driving lawyers can help you.

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