The Costs Associated with Getting a Divorce in Australia

Getting a divorce can be straightforward. If there are disputes over assets or parenting arrangements and each party hires a family lawyer, the costs can run high. Family law mediation services can help find compromises to any disputes that arise, potentially reducing the costs of going to court.

The team of experienced, compassionate family law lawyers at Resolute Legal can help you better understand the individual factors that can influence costs. Below is a guide to some of these basic costs involved in a divorce.

Cost of a Divorce Application

The cost of the filing fee when applying for divorce as of FY 22-23 is $990. You may be eligible for a reduced filing fee of $330 if:

  • You’re 18 or under
  • Living with financial hardship
  • Receive youth allowance, Austudy, or ABSTUDY payments
  • Granted Legal Aid
  • In prison or legally detained
  • Hold a healthcare card, Commonwealth seniors’ health card or any other card from the Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans Affairs entitling you to concessions.

Both parties must be eligible for the reduced fee when filing a joint application. Further fees depending on your family lawyer will come into play after the filing fee has been paid. Consult a family law lawyer for more advice on fee reduction eligibility and what other costs you may be faced with.

Initiating Application Fee

As a sole applicant, you incur a fee for initiating the application. The cost varies depending on what kind of order it is:

  • Parenting or financial, final only: $385
  • Parenting and financial, final only: $625
  • Parenting or financial, final and interim: $515
  • Parenting and financial, final and interim: $755

The distinction is mainly that an initiating application that seeks interim and final orders attract a $130 interim order fee.

Response to the Initiating Application

If your partner serves you with an application for divorce and you disagree with any orders included in it, you incur a fee of $385 to formally respond and an additional fee of $1,500 if you want any orders reviewed in court (notice of appeal or an application for leave of appeal). Legal representation will also add to the costs.

Family Law Solicitor and Lawyers in Townsville

If there are disputes involved in your separation, it’s best to get in touch with a family lawyer for advice. From family law mediation services to court representation, a family law solicitor from Resolute Legal can help you manage the complexities of divorce law. We’re the lawyers Townsville clients can rely on for sound advice, compassion and expert legal services.

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