Why Estate Lawyers Advise Against DIY Wills in Queensland

At Resolute Legal, we have built a reputation for providing Queensland residents with excellent Wills and estates lawyer services which ensure that their estate and affairs are thoroughly protected. A Will is arguably one of the most important documents a person can sign in their lifetime, and getting it right not only requires experience, but it also needs a thorough knowledge of the law. Read on to find out why we advise our clients against opting for DIY Wills.

Problems Associated with DIY Wills

Mistakes Regarding Asset Ownership

It is common to see DIY Wills mention assets which the testator of the Will may have transferred ownership of or sold. Updating a Will is one of the most critical aspects of a robust document. Without the help of a legal professional, many individuals fail to update their Will on a regular basis to accurately reflect their current assets.

Failure to Comply with Legal Formalities

In order for a Will to be recognised by the proper authorities, it must fulfill certain requirements which allow it to be viewed as a binding document. For example, many DIY Wills have the signature of only one witness, or the witnesses may have used different coloured pens to sign which can raise questions about authenticity. If your witness is a beneficiary mentioned in the Will, the document will not be considered legal. While there are many small errors which can negatively impact the validity of a Will, hiring a team of estate lawyers can prevent these mistakes from happening.

A Will can Become Outdated

Change is a constant in life. Whether it is the home you own, the assets you purchase or the relationships which come and go, things change over time and your will should always be a reflection of your most current wishes. Including new assets or changing named beneficiaries requires knowledge of the law, as any mistakes made in a DIY Will can cause serious problems for beneficiaries. A wills lawyer is trained to ensure your Will is always legal and up to date by making changes to your Will as the circumstances in your life change.

Experienced Estate Planning Lawyers in Queensland

By hiring an experienced Wills lawyer from Resolute Legal, you ensure that your Will is drafted by professionals with a thorough knowledge of the law. Contact us today to have all your estate planning questions answered.

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