4 Important Questions to Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

Being arrested and charged with a crime does not prove that you are guilty, it just means you will need a skilled criminal law firm to take on your case. Resolute Legal’s experienced team of criminal defence lawyers will maximise your chances of a positive legal outcome by mounting the strongest possible case in your favour. Before choosing a criminal defence lawyer to represent you, ask these questions to ensure the lawyer you’re hiring is the right fit for you.

How Long Have You Been Practicing Law?

Ask your lawyer how long they have been a criminal lawyer, will help you to assess how much experience they have with criminal cases similar to the one that you are facing. You may also want to ask what percentage of their cases involved clients facing the same charges you are, and what were the outcomes of those cases.

What Type of Law do You Specialise In?

Some criminal defence lawyers specialise in less serious crimes, like driving under the influence, disturbing the peace, or engaging in drunken behaviour, whilst others specialise in more complex cases. Before hiring one of Queensland’s criminal law firms, ensure they are familiar with cases like yours.

What Will the Legal Costs Be?

Learning the details of charges and legal fees is a crucial first step in hiring the right lawyer. Ensure that the criminal defence lawyer that you are hiring fits within your budget and that there are no unexpected expenses to pay.

Where is Your Legal Firm Based?

It’s important to know if the legal representation you’re hiring is local to you. For example, if you are in Queensland, it’s important to ensure that the lawyer or solicitor you have hired is also in Queensland. A lawyer who is local to you is more likely to have the appropriate resources to call upon if needed.

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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence, the outcome may be life-changing for yourself and your family. The decision to hire criminal defence lawyers is of vital importance to your case.

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