Fact from Fiction: What a Criminal Trial is Like

From Law & Order to Suits, we’ve all seen a popular TV show or movie depicting the thrilling and dramatized version of a courtroom trial. In Queensland, around 95% of criminal offences are heard in the Magistrates Court and, whilst the process is a complex one, it looks a little different to what we see in popular media. Criminal law firms like Resolute Legal can guide you through the system and fight for a favourable outcome.

Criminal Offences

The court process may vary depending on what the criminal charges are and how they’re classified. Neither you nor your team of criminal defence lawyers will have a say in this decision, but it’s important to understand. The Magistrates Court hears Minor Indictable charges such as traffic offences, theft and aggravated burglary. If the offence is determined to be more serious and with sufficient evidence, your case may be committed to the District Court for sentencing or trial. Resolute Legal’s team of experienced criminal defence lawyers offer organised legal representation, working to settle your case as quickly and favourably as possible.

The First Mention

During your first day in court, the Magistrate will enter and read the charges laid against you. You or your criminal lawyer will then ask for more time to consider a plea, plead guilty or not guilty. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to criminal pleas, and your experienced criminal lawyer will advise you on the best option for your case.

Depending on your plea, the magistrate will decide on a punishment, set a summary hearing or, for indictable offences, set a sentence hearing or committal hearing to determine if there is sufficient evidence for a trial in the District Court.

A Trusted Criminal Lawyer

At this difficult and potentially life-changing crossroads in your life, an experienced criminal defence lawyer can offer hope. Resolute Legal offers clear, compassionate and expert representation throughout your criminal case. Understanding the Magistrates Court procedure, and how this differs from its portrayal in media, is just the first step in securing a favourable outcome for your case.

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