Hiring A Criminal Lawyer? 5 Things To Know

Criminal cases are complex and require a strong grasp of the facts of a case and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the Australian criminal justice system. At Resolute Legal, we believe that choosing the right lawyer is the most important decision you will make. Read on for a list of factors which will help you decide if a lawyer is right for you.

1. Choose a Lawyer with Criminal Law Experience

Make sure that your lawyer has tried and tested criminal law experience. Visit the websites of various criminal law firms to read about their areas of law and their legal staff.

2. Experience Counts

Practicing criminal law is about more than just having the knowledge. Always go with a lawyer who is a seasoned professional in the justice system, since their experience gives them a deeper insight into how to effectively structure documentation, approach a court appearance and so on.

3. Trust is Everything

It is your right to choose a lawyer who you feel comfortable talking to, being honest with and who takes the time to listen to you and is invested in your case. The best lawyer for your case is not necessarily the one with the most awards, but one who believes in you and is motivated to get you the best outcome.

4. Honest, Transparent Communication is Key

During a criminal case, it is very likely that you and your team of lawyers will need to have some difficult conversations. There is nothing more detrimental to the success of your case than a lawyer who will tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. Choose a lawyer who has strong communication skills and who honestly lays out every scenario that could arise as a result of your case.

Professionalism is a Must

Remember that your lawyer works for you. Good criminal law firms should treat you with the highest levels of customer service, respect you by keeping you fully informed of the progress of your case and communicate with you in a timely manner about every development in your case. If your lawyer does not do this, they may not be right for you.

Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyers in QLD

When it comes to criminal law, there a lot of complexity to contend with, and even the smallest mistake can be costly. Your lawyer is going to represent you during one of the most important periods of your life, so never settle for mediocrity. Contact Resolute Legal today to speak to top criminal defence lawyers.

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