How Workplace Accident Victims get Compensation in QLD

An injury suffered in the workplace can cause much more than physical pain. It can lead to loss of wages, emotional distress and significant treatment expenses, all of which can have life changing consequences. If you have been injured at work due to the negligence of an employer, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and rehabilitation costs through WorkCover.

Whether you were injured by unsafe equipment, an unsafe workplace process or a dangerous work environment, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Read on to find out how the civil lawyers at Resolute Legal can help you through this process.

When can I Claim Workers Compensation?

You may be entitled to a workplace injury claim if:

  • You have suffered an accident at work, while traveling to or from work or another site related to your work. Remember that injuries suffered during breaks are also eligible for compensation.
  • Your overall health, wellbeing and psychological state have been negatively impacted by the workplace.
  • An existing health condition has been aggravated due to working conditions.

What Does Compensation Cover?

Resolute Legal’s civil lawyers will use the civil litigation process to fight for compensation which will cover:

  • Loss of income due to the injury
  • Medical and hospital related costs incurred during treatment
  • All necessary physical and psychological rehabilitation expenses
  • Home care and domestic assistance expenses required to ensure your recovery
  • All travel expenses related to medical care and rehabilitation

Will I Have to Go to Court?

The vast majority of workplace injury cases are settled out of court with the help of an personal injury lawyer. Fewer than 1% of cases require you to go to court, and in the event that this does happen, your lawyer will be well-equipped to represent you.

How can Your Accident Claim Lawyer Help?

Resolute Legal’s team of workplace accident claim lawyers will help you with:

  • Identifying specific damages which you can file for
  • The value of lump sum compensation to which you are entitled
  • Appealing rejected compensation claims
  • Receiving compensation for wrongful termination

Civil Litigation Services for Workplace Accidents in QLD

An injury suffered in the workplace can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Contact Resolute Legal today for comprehensive legal assistance for workplace injury claims in Queensland.

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