Legal Definitions and Consequences of Dangerous Driving

In Queensland, the definition of dangerous driving is not always clearly defined. Typically, the assessment of such a case requires authorities to demonstrate that a person’s driving violates the standard expected by a careful driver. In such cases, witnesses play an important role as they can shed light on the movement of a vehicle. It must also be shown that the driver is at fault, regardless of their reasons or state of mind. In this blog, Resolute Legal seeks to clarify some of the legal definitions and consequences of dangerous driving. If you have questions about dangerous driving, contact us today to consult with our team of traffic lawyers.

What is Dangerous Driving?

Dangerous driving is a serious offence in Queensland and can result in imprisonment. It is also important to note that a person can be charged with this offence even if they do not injure anyone. For example, speeding is considered dangerous driving even if it doesn’t result in harm.

The offence is deemed considerably more serious if:

  • The driver was adversely affected by drugs or alcohol
  • The driving speed was excessive or the individual was participating in an unlawful race
  • The individual has a previous conviction for the same offence

The severity of the offence increases significantly if the dangerous driving leads to the death of or grievous bodily harm of another person.

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Legal Consequences of Dangerous Driving

As experienced drink driving lawyers, we know how seriously a criminal charge can affect a person’s life. The specific circumstances of a dangerous driving offence will determine the nature of the penalty. Keep in mind that dangerous driving offences can lead to a criminal charge, especially if somebody else is injured. Based on the particulars of the case, a person may be fined, incur demerit points, disqualification of license, probation or up to 14 years in jail. The penalty will also depend on a person’s previous traffic history.

What is Careless Driving?

Driving a vehicle without due care and attention could result in a careless driving offence that holds a less severe penalty of fines (up to $4000) or 6 months in jail. Consult our trained traffic offence lawyers today to better understand the penalty you are likely to face for a careless driving charge.

Traffic Lawyers for Dangerous Driving Cases in Townsville

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