Proud Family Law Accredited Specialist

At Resolute Legal, we understand that family law disputes can have a great financial and emotional toll on you and your loved ones. In these situations, it’s important to hire family law lawyers who understand the intricacies of family law and has the empathy required to handle your case in a cordial and amicable manner. Whether you are navigating divorce, or a custody battle or you are suffering from domestic violence, Resolute Legal is here to help.

Nationally Accredited Mediator

Separation or divorce can be an emotionally tiring process. Having a divorce lawyer in your corner provides you with an objective legal voice to handle the divorce proceedings on your behalf. Resolute Legal’s family law mediation specialists boast a wealth of experience in the field of family law, capable of representing you in court to reach favourable settlements in your divorce.

In cases where there has been evidence of domestic violence, it is important to make the necessary arrangements to protect your physical and mental wellbeing and to ensure that separation or divorce is done in a fair and equitable manner. Hiring a divorce lawyer can help you negotiate care agreements for your children and ensure that divorce settlements are carried out in a reasonable manner.

If you’re looking for family law lawyers, look no further than Resolute Legal’s team of lawyers in Townsville. Contact us today.

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