Temporary and Permanent Employment Visas Explained, QLD

Australia offers foreign citizens several temporary and permanent work visas that allow them to bring their unique skills into the country and add value to the economy. Resolute Legal provides our clients with comprehensive legal advice related to immigration and visa laws in Australia. Contact us today to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer.

Types of Temporary Work Visas

Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

There are several streams to choose from when applying for a Skill Shortage Visa:

  • A short-term stream visa allows you to work in Australia for up to 4 years depending on the situation
  • Medium-term stream visas are granted for 4 years and allow you to apply for permanent residence
  • The labour agreement stream allows you to enter the country based on labour agreements between Australian employers and the government.

When applying for a Skill Shortage Visa, the applicant must provide proof that they meet the minimum English language proficiency requirements outlined. The applicant must prove that the required scores were obtained within one attempt of the test and that the test was taken within three years before the application.

The application process is as follows:

  • Your sponsor applies for sponsorship
  • The sponsorship is approved
  • The sponsor nominates you for a visa and pays the levy fund
  • You apply for the visa

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Australia Short Stay Specialist Visa

The Short Stay Specialist Visa allows you to apply for temporary residence based on a highly specialised skill that is required in Australia. You must provide sufficient proof that you meet the eligibility requirements.

You can apply for a Short Stay Specialist visa if:

  • You will benefit Australian businesses directly
  • You have skills and knowledge that cannot be found in Australia
  • You will be engaged in short-term work
  • You will be directing or producing a project that will not be shown in Australia
  • Your work will involve promotional activity only
  • You are a genuine temporary entrant in Australia

The following family members can be included in a Short Stay Specialist Visa:

  • Spouse or partner
  • A minor child or a partner’s child
  • Adult dependant child
  • Grandchild or partner’s grandchild

Permanent Skilled Regional Visa

A Permanent Skilled Regional Visa allows you to stay, work or study in the country indefinitely. This visa allows you to apply for citizenship if you meet the required eligibility criteria.

You can apply for this visa if:

  • You currently hold a valid Australian visa
  • You lived in a regional area for at least three years
  • You earned a taxable income or passed the income threshold for at least three years
  • You have followed Australian laws and met the required conditions related to previous visas

Most skilled regional visas require applicants to be younger than 55 to be eligible for the visa.

Immigration Lawyer for Work Visa in Australia

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