The Relationship Between Criminal Lawyer and Client, AU

Facing a criminal charge or conviction might stir up some uncomfortable feelings for you but we assure you: your criminal lawyer is not there to judge. With Resolute Legal, you don’t have to face this situation alone. In this blog, we cover the relationship between criminal defence lawyers and their clients and how we can assist you.


A criminal lawyer and their client have a confidential and privileged relationship. Criminal defence lawyers are obligated to act in their client’s best interests and keep their information private. This means any information shared with your criminal lawyer must be kept confidential, even once the case is closed. Without your consent, your criminal lawyer is also not able to share information with any third party. This relationship of trust between lawyer and client can contribute to a successful outcome in your criminal trial.

Making Informed Decisions

Your criminal lawyer is there to defend you. A part of their role is ensuring you are adequately informed and able to make the best decisions. Whilst the Australian court system can be confusing, criminal law firms offer trusted advice, have access to the latest legislation changes and can rely on legal precedent, persuasive arguments and their in-depth knowledge of the law to get you a favourable decision.

In Court

Criminal law firms can offer legal advice and guidance before your trial, and represent you once the matter is in court. This might be a committal hearing, sentence hearing or bail application. You may be wondering when to hire a criminal lawyer. Resolute Legal’s criminal defence lawyers offer a robust representation of our clients and can help with:

  • traffic offences
  • white-collar crime
  • the appeals process
  • domestic violence charges
  • sentence hearings
  • bail applications, and more.

If you’re facing a criminal charge, consulting Resolute Legal’s criminal defence lawyers should be your first step. We strongly encourage you to reach out before talking to the police. Contact Resolute Legal, the criminal lawyers Townsville residents trust.

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