Understanding Types of Criminal Offences in Australia

Resolute Legal is one of Queensland’s most trusted criminal law firms, with a reputation for expertise in criminal law and a commitment to getting the best outcomes for our clients. In this blog, we explain the difference between summary offences and indictable offences in Australia so that you have the information you need to navigate legal proceedings. Contact us today to speak with a criminal lawyer.

Indictable Offences in Australia

Indictable offences in Australia are heard in the District Court, Supreme Court or Magistrates Court according to the severity of the offence. Trials held in these courts may or may not be held before a jury, depending on the offence or at the defendant’s request. Major indictable offences such as murder or treason are heard by the Supreme Court while a minor offence is heard at the Magistrate’s Court. Criminal defence lawyers play an important role in helping clients to navigate the complexities of the legal system and to get a favourable ruling from the court.

Examples of Indictable Offences in Australia

Included below are some of the types of indictable offences criminal law firms contest in Australia:

  • aggravated burglary
  • indecent assault
  • drug trafficking offences
  • manslaughter
  • murder

Contact our criminal defence lawyers today for a detailed understanding of indictable offences.

Property Damage in Australia

A summary offence is a less severe crime that is heard and decided in a Magistrates Court. These offences neither involve a trial or jury nor do they result in a formal indictment. Summary offences usually involve a fine and are not punishable by imprisonment.

Examples of Summary Offences in Australia

Summary offences in Australia include the following:

  • Use of offensive language or an act that involves the use of offensive language
  • Offensive conduct in a public place such as indecent exposure or fighting
  • Wilful obstruction of traffic or prevention of free passage of an individual or vehicle in a public place
  • Illegal possession of alcohol in a public place or underage consumption of alcohol

Other examples of summary offences include disorderly behaviour, driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as well as criminal property damage. The Resolute Legal team can provide you with more information on criminal offences in Queensland.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer for Indictable Offences

If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer with years of experience defending members of the local community, contact Resolute Legal today. We provide affordable and compassionate legal support for individuals facing indictable and summary offence charges.

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