VIC Property Settlement & Family Law: Dividing Assets Fairly

Resolute Legal provides family law mediation services for marriage, divorce, property division and more. In this blog, we explain how family law mediation plays an integral role in opening lines of communication, finding amicable solutions and dividing property and debt fairly. Contact our team of family law lawyers today for a closer look at the field of family law.


What is Family Law Mediation?

family law solicitor firm usually has persons qualified to act as a neutral, impartial third party, appointed to help resolve a dispute between family members. Family mediators have the experience required to identify disputed matters, the needs of all parties involved and the options available to resolve the situation.

Family law mediation aims to assist parties in finding solutions that satisfy everyone involved without the need for costly court proceedings.

Dividing Assets and Debts Using Family Mediation

Step 1: Preparation

Before the mediation begins, the parties involved are asked to locate all documents related to mortgage agreements, land ownership, vehicles, bank loans and superannuation statements. All assets and debts must be identified to ascertain ownership standings before the marriage or partnership.

Step 2: Location

The mediation is conducted at a mutually agreed upon location where, ideally, both parties can break away to discuss matters privately with their legal representative or, if no representation is available, with the mediator. A family mediation may require multiple sessions before a resolution can be found. If an in-person meeting is inconvenient, a mediation can be conducted over a conference call as a face-to-face or shuttle mediation.

Step 3: Dividing Property

If the dispute involves custody of children, it must go through a compulsory process under the Family Law Act 1975. In matters related to property, a resolution can be found outside the court. When dividing assets, a trained mediator’s role is to foster communication in a calm and collaborative environment where questions can be asked, issues can be raised, and negotiations can take place. Whether related to real estate property, superannuation or other financial assets, a trusted family law solicitor can help structure an agreement.

The role of Resolute Legal is to create a structure that allows estranged parties to amicably decide on property division to avoid expensive, long-drawn-out court proceedings. Once an agreement has been reached, our team will draft a document for both parties to approve with their legal representatives.

Experienced Family Law Lawyers in Queensland

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