What are Your Rights During Arrest and Questioning?

Being questioned by police can be quite intimidating. Resolute Legal’s experienced team of criminal defence lawyers will provide legal representation and advice during police interviews to ensure that your rights are respected and protected.

Do I Have a Right to Silence?

Whilst there is no equivalent of Miranda rights in Australia, and Australian police officers are not required to read the Miranda rights, there is a basic right to silence under the law. Police must establish that an arrested person understands their right to silence.

Can the Police Search My Car Without a Warrant?

The police can search your vehicle without a warrant; however, this can only take place if the police suspect that you are in possession of a weapon, stolen goods or a dangerous drug. The Police Powers and Responsibilities Act (QLD) states that police must have ‘reasonable suspicion’ of one of the previously mentioned circumstances to search your vehicle without a warrant.

If you believe you have been searched unlawfully, it is important to contact one of your local criminal law firms and hire a traffic offence lawyer who will help determine the legality of the search.

Traffic Offence Lawyer

If you have been found to be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, hiring a traffic offence lawyer provides you with legal representation and support to fight your case and minimise the legal consequences.

Can I Have a Lawyer Present During Questioning?

If the police wish to question you about an offence that has taken place, it is your right to call a friend or relative to inform them of your whereabouts and to have them present with you during the questioning. In addition, it is your right to have a criminal lawyer present with you during questioning. Hire a lawyer for legal representation and advice whilst you are being questioned by the police.

Your Local Lawyers Townsville

The team at Resolute Legal can help you navigate the intricacies of the legal system in Queensland. Our traffic offence team are dedicated to maximising your chances of a positive outcome by mounting the strongest case on your behalf.

Resolute Legal are your traffic and criminal lawyers in Townsville. If you’re looking to hire a criminal defence lawyer for an upcoming case, contact us now.

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