Wills and Estates Lawyer for Digital Asset Protection, QLD

Almost all digital wallets, including cryptocurrency wallets, are protected by codes, keys and passwords that only the individual has access to. However, in the event of a person’s death, their digital assets can only be accessed legally by their legally appointed executor. Resolute Legal understands that trusting someone with all your passwords can be risky, that’s why we provide high-quality, reliable wills and estates lawyer services that uphold the high standards of ethics set by the Australian legal system.

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What are Digital Assets?

The term ‘digital asset’ refers to all online accounts, hard drives, smartphones, online subscriptions and online accounts that belong to a person. It refers to all personal and financial accounts including Google Wallet, Apple Wallet and any other device that stores information.

How Can a Wills and Estates Lawyer Help?

Storing original documents and passwords with your lawyer is the best way to protect your digital assets. It is a lawyer’s ethical duty to protect the information, and the documents are stored in a safe custody facility. In the event that a law practice closes, the documents are transferred to another practice’s facility with a record maintained at the Queensland Law Society that ensures that your documents are always protected. Here are some of the advantages of storing your documents with a lawyer:

  • By appointing a wills and estates lawyer as your executor, your digital assets are protected by a trained legal expert with up-to-date knowledge of the law
  • wills lawyer is qualified to draft your Will to reflect your wishes related to all your digital assets
  • Estate lawyers are bound by a strict code of ethics, which means you can give them authority over all your digital assets, including passwords, without fear of anything being misused
  • Appointing a lawyer as the executor for your digital assets means that you have a trained lawyer protecting your assets against fraudulent inheritance claims
  • If you would like extra protection, you can entrust your solicitor with a sealed envelope containing all passwords on a handwritten document

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Trusted Estate Lawyers for Online Accounts and Wallets

The field of digital asset protection is constantly developing as the world comes to terms with the inevitable digital revolution. Navigating this area of law requires dynamic lawyers who understand the challenges involved, the needs of the client and who have a solution-oriented mindset that can adapt to change. If you’re looking for the very best digital asset protection services, contact Resolute Legal today.

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