Are Family Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers the Same in QLD?

Family law is a broad legal area which is focused on a number of aspects of family litigation. A family lawyer is concerned with matrimonial matters such as the separation of spouses, financial matters which arise within a family and child law which safeguard the wellbeing of minors. A divorce lawyer is someone who chooses to specialise in marriage law, which is itself a complex field and requires the focus of an experienced professional.

At Resolute Legal, we have an Accredited Family Law Specialist with all the skills necessary to represent our clients in every aspect of family law, whether it is divorce or property settlements.

What Do Family Law Lawyers Do?

Family law is a challenging area of law because it requires a family lawyer to guide clients through property settlements, post separation guardianship arrangements, child support disputes and more. Family lawyers are expected to be competent in all legal matters which could arise within a family context, including divorce.

How Can a Family Lawyer Help?

While the process of getting a divorce is not very difficult in and of itself, the many financial and custody matters which arise because of it require the services of a family law expert. Your lawyer will gather evidence, prepare documents, negotiate settlements on your behalf and resolve child custody disputes that may arise.

Some family lawyers also specialise in emancipation, paternity rights and other aspects of the law which are not directly related to divorce but fall within the field of family litigation. Family law mediation is an important part of the process as it requires an objective voice which can help reach a suitable agreement during a time of emotional distress.

What Does a Divorce Lawyer Do?

Although divorce law is a part of family law, some lawyers choose to focus their attention on divorce law as it is a field of legal representation which is challenging and requires a great deal of experience. A divorce lawyer will be adept at pre and post nuptial agreements, property settlement and have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to child custody agreements.

Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners

Whether you are looking for legal representation to initiate a complicated divorce or require assistance in other areas of family law such as emancipation and reproductive rights, Resolute Legal has the legal expertise you need. Contact us today to speak to our team about divorce proceedings and family dispute resolution.

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