Financial Matters

When a relationship ends there are many ties that bind you.

The property you own together, joint bank accounts, superannuation, shares and more.

We can make sure these assets are divided fairly between you so that you can have financial security to go on with your life.


Children and pets are part of your family.

When a family breaks apart it is very difficult to protect everyone and work out a way forward.

We can help provide a resolution for child and pet care arrangements and help you create an environment which gives your dependents safety and security to live their life.

Domestic Violence

When relationships break down sometimes things get messy. It may be a gradual process or a sudden and shocking change in your relationship due to any number of factors.

Domestic Violence takes many different forms:

  • denying family and friend contact creating isolation;
  • denying liberty to move freely outside the home creating isolation;
  • denying personal financial freedom creating reliance;
  • derogatory speech and actions leading to poor self esteem;
  • verbal abuse;
  • the threat of physical or sexual abuse, stalking;
  • harm or destruction of personal property or pets; and
  • actual physical/sexual abuse.

When there has been violence during a relationship it may affect not only your safety, mental and physical wellbeing, but also your willingness to challenge any unfair conditions of your breakup.

We can help you negotiate care arrangements for your children, a fair and equitable settlement of your property and can help you take the matter to Court if no agreement can be reached.

We can help you protect your children and take back control of your life.

Take control of your family’s future now

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