Domestic Violence and Family Law: Legal Protection and Support for Victims

No matter your age, how long you have been in a relationship, or your gender, domestic violence is a criminal offence that the Queensland government takes extremely seriously. For years, law enforcement has been dealing with domestic violence cases that have seen victims gravely injured, or even killed. During this time, authorities have been doing everything they can to reduce and eradicate domestic violence. In this article, Resolute Legal discusses the different types of protection services available in Queensland for domestic violence victims, as well as how a domestic violence lawyer can assist in handling any legal procedures.

Support Services for Domestic Violence Victims 

There is an extensive amount of support services available for domestic violence victims in Queensland. In recent years, the Queensland government has made it a priority to set up multiple victim help services. These can be as simple as a hotline, or something more permanent such as safe housing and accommodation. There are also financial support systems available that can help victims afford relocation or costs for a family law solicitor or family law lawyers. These legal costs can be high, which can often discourage victims from seeking help. With financial support from the Queensland government, victims may be more willing to take action against domestic violence.

Assistance for Parents 

Domestic violence has an extremely damaging effect on not only the victim but the family as a whole. Innocent bystanders such as children can be scarred by domestic violence incidents, and in severe cases, they can also become victims. There is an extensive range of support systems set up to help families move from damaged homes, into a safe environment. A family law solicitor will do everything in their power to ensure the kids are kept away from harm.

The Role of a Domestic Violence Lawyer 

A domestic violence lawyer or family law lawyers play a pivotal role in the protection of domestic violence victims. They will represent you in court, as well as present victims with a range of support systems to help deal with the situation as quickly as possible. Similarly, a family law solicitor represents the victims in cases that involve the custody of children and the division of assets.

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