How a Divorce Lawyer can Make Your Divorce Easier, QLD

Going through a divorce is a stressful experience. It takes a toll on both individuals financially and emotionally, and the lack of proper guidance while going through this process can lead to lasting distress and unfair distribution of assets for everyone involved. At Resolute Legal, our team of family lawyers has years of experience providing sound, objective legal advice and family law mediation services to clients during these troubled times to ensure the best possible outcome. Read on to find out why a divorce lawyer is invaluable during a separation.

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Below we explore some of the benefits of having a team of dedicated family law lawyers by your side.

Help Manage Emotional Pressure

We take away some of the pressure and stress by initiating all necessary proceedings on your behalf. The end of a marriage can drive any person to their limit and it is important that, during this difficult time, you have an objective legal voice by your side who can commence divorce proceedings on your behalf and help you make decisions with a clear mind.

Division of Assets

The Resolute Legal team will thoroughly assess all individual and shared financial assets and properties that will be included in the divorce. Assets include company shares, cash and other investments, while property would include land, homes, vehicles, and so on. In the event of a disagreement, lawyers for property disputes play an important role in ensuring you receive what you are entitled to.

Child Custody and Maintenance Payments

A critical component of a divorce is ensuring that your children are well cared for and that spouses who are dependents receive an appropriate maintenance to guarantee their wellbeing. A divorce lawyer will help you through a divorce as well as help you to secure financial support for yourself and any dependents.

Representation in Court

While most divorce proceedings are settled outside court through mediation, should the need arise, Resolute Legal’s family lawyers will represent you at court. If there are children involved and there is a dispute over child custody and standard of care, a divorce lawyer will have the ability to properly leverage the law to ensure that you and your offspring get the best possible outcome.

Your Trusted Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner in QLD

Looking for a family lawyer with years of experience in divorce proceedings? Look no further than Resolute Legal where our family lawyers have helped numerous clients navigate the ups and downs of a divorce. Contact us today to arrange quality legal representation for divorce proceedings or to hire one of our lawyers for property disputes.

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