Why You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in a Queensland Court

Whether you’re facing a criminal charge, a traffic offence or a family law matter, engaging a lawyer is your first line of defence in the Queensland court system. Whilst it is possible to represent yourself in a court of law, we recommend against this. A lawyer with expertise in your matter can guide you through the process and advise you at every turn. Contact Resolute Legal, the lawyers in Townsville trusts for experienced guidance.

Emotions Run High

If you’re in the midst of a criminal charge, you’ll know this is a stressful period. Whilst it may be tempting to represent yourself, Resolute Legal’s experienced criminal lawyers can offer unclouded and objective advice. No one operates well under immense pressure and having a criminal lawyer in your corner can ensure your case is factually presented to the court and removes the possibility of your emotions interfering.

Courtroom Experience

If you’ve never been in a courtroom before, you may be unaware of the procedures and formalities that every court in Australia follows. The judge, however, will not accept this as an excuse or offer any assistance in presenting your case. If you’re facing a traffic offence for example, experienced traffic lawyers can explain the court process in detail to you. At Resolute Legal, our traffic lawyers can provide legal advice for a wide range of traffic offences and work to minimise penalties or disqualification periods.

A Risky Strategy

Perhaps the most important consideration should be ‘Is it worth the risk?’. Representing yourself may save you money initially, but there is a chance you’ll pay a much greater price. If your case is related to family law, you may be risking a favourable child custody outcome and jeopardising your relationship with your children. Family law lawyers can offer a guiding hand during this emotionally challenging time. At Resolute Legal, our team of family law lawyers offer legal representation with a human touch.

Give yourself the best chance in Australian courts. Contact Resolute Legal online or call 07 4724 5563 to discuss appropriate and experienced representation for you.

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