What is Domestic Violence & When Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you are in immediate danger, call 000. For 24-hour domestic violence support, call 1800RESPECT.

Domestic violence often presents as a pattern of abusive, violent and/or controlling behaviour from one person in a domestic relationship, family situation or any close relationship. It can affect a person of any age, gender or sexuality. Ending a relationship whilst facing domestic violence can be a huge challenge. Resolute Legal’s domestic violence lawyer can help protect your safety and well-being during this difficult time. 

Separation and Divorce

Experiencing domestic violence adds a layer of complexity to a relationship separation or divorce. You may need advice on how to minimise contact with the perpetrator, how to file legal documents and how to navigate the 12-month separation legally required prior to your divorce filing. A domestic violence lawyer can offer personalised advice based on your individual circumstances. 

At Resolute Legal, our family law lawyers are focused on maintaining your safety whilst beginning to organise your affairs to end your marriage or relationship.

Parenting Arrangements

If you have children, it may feel impossible to negotiate appropriate parenting arrangements following domestic violence. Resolute Legal’s family law lawyers offer family law mediation and act as your trusted legal advice throughout these difficult conversations. If an agreed parenting plan cannot be achieved, your trusted lawyer can guide you through the court process and ensure a legally binding parenting order is in place.

Division of Assets

Understandably, the distribution of the relationship’s assets might be the least of your priorities when domestic violence has occurred. A domestic violence lawyer can ensure you avoid financial ruin and achieve an equitable division without you having to contact your ex-partner. The division of assets can be negotiated in family law mediation prior to your divorce filing and Resolute Legal will work to ensure your family’s safety and future are protected.

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